Mobile Software for Donation-Based Fundraisers

For any Group, Team, School or Non-Profit Organization.

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Ridiculously Effective Fundraising.

Our technology allows you to manage any donation-based fundraiser from any device. is set up to handle everything from school-wide fun-runs to simple donation campaigns for small groups.

With, we help your business or non-profit organization simplify and streamline your fundraising efforts, allowing you to compete with national service-based companies at a high level.

Plus, you will get additional support for your fundraiser with our pledge guides and support materials (forms, envelopes etc.) helps you increase the amount you raise with your fundraiser by tapping into the competitive spirit within us all.

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Pledge-Drive Features Designed for You


Custom donation pages for each participant. Including, free custom domain names for each group.


Tracking for all prizes and incentives.


Ability to share with social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Marketing tools to reach parents directly.

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Start using pledge drive with no setup fees or risks! Starting a successful fundraiser can cost as low as 5% plus credit card fees!

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