Easy Online Fundraising

Online Organizer, Payment Processor, and Communications Manager for Donation-Based Fundraisers

Online Program Features


Our Technology allows you to get real-time updates of your fundraiser progress.  We also give you the ability to track rewards daily by teacher, coach, or group.  You can keep track of top donors, top classrooms, and top students/teachers/players!


Out team will guide you through setting up your own donation drive or donation-based event.  You will receive print communication templates, fundraising guides, and promotional materials.  We also have a huge network of Full-Service companies that can assist you in executing the best and MOST PROFITABLE fundraiser you have ever seen!


Participants can easily use their phone to text, email, or post to social media so that family and friends can donate from all over the globe.  You can also email Teachers, Parents, Coaches and supporters with progress communications!  


We are the only onile platform that allows you to accept cash, check, Paypal, and credit cards for donations.  Other platforms only allow donations with credit cards.  More ways to pay means more PROFIT for you!


The Secret of Success

There are many elements to a successful fundraising campaign.  Ultimately, it is about a group… and a GOAL.  Pledge-drive.net is simply the best tool you can use for online and donation-based fundraising.  Along with the online tools, we will consult you on the best practices to ensure sucess!


Plug in your own prize program or let us create one for you!  You also need to give your teacher’s/coaches rewards as well!


We will give you a schedule of events when your campaign is set up.  Texts messages you can send to participants, emails, and scripted daily announcements are included upon request!


We can provide parent letters and money envelopes for you, or you can simply download our easy templates to create your own!


You can sell ad space on the individual donation pages to corporate donors. Every donor, participant, community member who donates will be able to see the corporate donor logos!  

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